These improved versions are now being offered back to the strings market and their fellow colleagues. More importantly, they continue to innovate and create new products based on their own continuing research and development, so we should all try to pause and find out more about these people and their products. They all have some very interesting stories behind them, which can demonstrate how a creative genius is not only found on the stage while performing, but also in the dusty workshops and self-built laboratories (and not excluding the pop-up workstations in garden sheds and garages!). It is my greatest pleasure to present, represent and promote these exceptional people who passionately believe in their own creations.

More often than not, the accessories are just that – the additions that we use and have the use of in every day of our professional lives, but not necessarily the items that we would spare lots of thought on. For example, if you are an orchestral player, even the smallest accessory such as a mute would be quintessential to your performance, but you would not necessarily spend much time thinking about it. When the con sordino part comes up, you either have it or you don’t! But then again, there are people in the strings market that have thought about these necessities, often by having to use them themselves as musicians or makers, dedicating hundreds of hours (and many years!), so that they could successfully perfect them.