Alberto Giordano was born in Genova in the 1960s and was raised in the era when rock and roll ruled the air-waves and wild colors and long hair ruled the fashion scene. In spite of this, Alberto chose to embark on his journey to learn violin making. He studied at Cremona Violin School with Vincenzo Bissolotti, Wanna Zambelli and Stefano Conia Sr., trained further in Sesto Rocchi’s laboratory and continued his apprenticeship in the workshop of Joseph Curtin and Gregg Alf. He returned to Genova to establish his own workshop in 1987, partly because of the Paganini legacy, but partly because of a most beautiful Genovese girl, Patrizia, who he married, and they now live and work together happily in vibrant and fascinating old part of the city. Genova hasn’t changed much over the centuries thanks to its geographical location, wedged into the foothills of the mountains that frame the Gulf of Genova where river Bisagno meets the Ligurian Sea. You still walk through narrow alleyways and cobbled streets, surrounded by tall buildings that have stood on this spot for centuries.

You can forget about wearing high heels or using Google Maps on the smartphone when you wander this district, but ask any shop owner around the via Garibaldi where is the ‘Maestro Liutaio’s’ workshop and you can rest assured that they will point you to Alberto’s shop. In this setting Alberto creates his own instruments, but also continues to provide the upkeep and ongoing preservation of the famous ‘Il Cannone’ Guarneri ‘del Gesù’.

This violin, once owned and played by the great Niccolò Paganini and now the property of the City of Genova, has since 1851 been housed nearby in the beautiful Palazzo Doria Tursi. Alberto also continues his own personal development and education, not only within the world of violin making but also in the fields of art and philosophy. In March 2015, he was awarded a Master’s Degree with Honours in the History of Art at the University of Genova, Faculty of Letters and Philosophy. He also continues the never-ending researches in documenting the rich history of Genovese violin making, in such works as his book on the life and work of Cesare Candi as well as the book on the nineteenth century violin makers of Liguria that he published with Eric Blot.

You would probably not be surprised to know that Alberto has collaborated with many players over the years, including the late great Ruggiero Ricci in his 2001 ‘The Legacy of Cremona’ project, in which maestro Ricci included one of the Alberto’s ‘Cannone’ copy in a recording featuring fine contemporary violins. However, it might come as a surprise to know that Alberto also collaborated with the Czech choreographer Jiri Kylan for the opening of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet Theatre in Oslo in 2008, creating a series of musical instruments for the opening ballet “World Beyond”. You will be pleasantly surprised on playing Alberto’s own instruments at their rich sound which surrounds your whole being with the warm depth and powerful voice in the upper register, not unlike that of ‘Il Cannone’ itself! But, when you consider Alberto’s warm character and kind and generous nature, it is no surprise that his personality is reflected in their sound.

This instrument is available for sale now. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.


7:30 pm Veles Ensemble & Ahmed Mukhtar @ Saint Margaret Pattens Church
Veles Ensemble & Ahmed Mukhtar @ Saint Margaret Pattens Church
Sep 26 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
As part of the London Strings Festival, the Veles Ensemble will open the evening of contrast with a true classic: Beethoven’s String Trio Op. 9 No.1 in G-major and then accompanied by Ahmed Mukhtar who will continue the evening presenting Iraqi music with Oud solo’s. He will then be joined by the Veles Ensemble to finish with arrangements of his own compositions. The Veles Ensemble was founded in 2016 by three young successful London classical musicians: Hartmut Richter, violin, Ralitsa Naydenova, viola and Evva Mizerska, cello, all soloists, recitalists and performers in leading London chamber orchestras who aim to explore and promote rarely heard masterpieces and new compositions as well as bringing the classics to life. Ahmed Mukhtar’s music is rooted in the traditional Maqam style and explores the use of the quarter tone in the Arabic Oud. The Maqam is the nearest equivalent to mode in Western classical. Ahmed Mukhtar will offer some of his compositions arranged for Strings by Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde, which will be played by the Veles Ensemble. The unfretted Oud with its delicately flattened intervals can make a dream, gallop or thunder, as well as the desert with the use of silence to a great effect. As Iraqi Middle Eastern Mukhtar’s music lies on improvisation and Taqasim in a great deal of works and forms.
8:00 pm Music for an Autumn Evening – th... @ Holy Trinity Church
Music for an Autumn Evening – th... @ Holy Trinity Church
Sep 27 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
The Comalli Consort, established in early 2018 comprising of students from the Royal Academy of Music in London, is an up and coming historical performance ensemble focusing on music of the Renaissance period. English soprano, Charlotte La Thrope, graduated with first class honours in music from the University of Durham, majoring in performance, received ‘The Most Outstanding Soloist Award’ in her final year. She currently studies with Lillian Watson and Christopher Glynn at the Royal Academy of Music and is generously supported by the Derek Butler London Scholarship Prize, the Helen Roll Charitable Trust Scholarship and the Josephine Baker Trust. Voz femenina Anon. – La Spagna segundo tono Anon. – Que me queréis Anon. – Si la noche haze escura Anon. – Al Alva venid Anon. – Las mis penas Anon. – La Spagna quarto tono For the Virgin Queen John DOWLAND – Time Stands Still John DOWLAND – Queen Elizabeth her Galliard John DOWLAND – Come Heavy Sleepe Feminine Portraits in the Continent Johannes GHISELIN – La Alfonsina Josquin DES PREZ – Nimphes, Nappes Josquin DES PREZ – La Bernadina The Male Voice John DOWLAND – Behold a Wonder Here John DOWLAND – Me, me and none but me Trad. – Lord Rendall Performers Charlotte La Thrope – Soprano Louise Ayrton – Violin Sergio Bucheli – Lute Alice Trocellier[...]
Welcome to MusicFor!

Welcome to MusicFor!

I am delighted to welcome you all to the MusicFor recitals! The first ever concert series starting with four concerts ‘Music for an Autumn Evening’ at Stroud Green’s Holy Trinity Church in North London. I have been a professional musician - a singer and conductor -...