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Welcome to
Strings Music Horizons


Welcome to Strings Music Horizons!
We are all about strings – music professionals, amateurs and all the enthusiasts who share a never-ending passion for excellence in music.
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Modern luthiers and their fine instruments currently available for sale

Alberto Giordano

Rich sound which surrounds your whole being with the warm depth and powerful voice                                  

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Felix Krafft

The beautiful balance across all four strings leaves you gliding through different positions effortlessly

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Modern luthiers and their fine instruments currently available

Ahmet Ediz

Stretto® Humidifiers, the world renowned humidifier system for your instrument

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Welcome to MusicFor!

I am delighted to welcome you all to the MusicFor recitals! The first ever concert series starting with four concerts ‘Music for an Autumn Evening’ at Stroud Green’s Holy Trinity Church in North London. I have been a professional musician - a singer and conductor -...

Michael Letchford @ Recorded Vocal Art Society

Music For A While by Michael Letchford at Recorded Vocal Art Society