I am ever so grateful to all my friends, colleagues and business associates who have kindly provided the following statements. I feel highly privileged to know these exceptional, highly talented, professional yet passionate people in their line of work and expertise. I have enjoyed immensely working with them on various projects over the past years and sincerely hope to continue with our collaboration and co-operation in the future. Thank you all for your tremendous and wholehearted support – it is truly appreciated!

Gordana Jević
Strings Music Horizons

‘While I was conducting Jecklin’s string instruments department, one of Switzerland’s leading music shops, I much enjoyed our collaboration with Gordana while she was working for The Strad. Gordana was always very competent and helpful in helping us place adds in THE Strad magazine and providing us with helpful information about string instruments and musicians.’

Gustavo de Freitas

Head of Marketing & Communications, Musikkollegium Winterthur, one of Switzerland’s leading symphony orchestras

‘We’ve been working together with Gordana for a very long time (while she was working with the Strad). It was always a great pleasure and joy to cooperate with Gordana. Her deep knowledge of the Stringed Instrument Market and the always friendly and quick assistance made working together very easy for us’

Sabrina Wittner

Wittner GmbH & Co. KG.

‘As a regular contributor to The Strad, it was my pleasure to get to know the staff, and I particularly enjoyed working with Gordana. Whenever it came to organizational matters of advertising content, she was always ‘on top of the situation.’ I also enjoyed my communications with her after she began working with Thomastik in Vienna, and once again she was in control of and well versed in the marketing end of that business.’

Philip J. Kass

Author and Expert on old violins and bows, Philadelphia, PA

‘Gordana is definitely fun to work with: she has a positive attitude towards life and a good sense of humor, is a reliable and diligent business partner and is looking to create win-win situations, which we have very much appreciated whilst she was working at The Strad. She is passionate about working in our industry and is well-connected. We wish her all the best for her new venture!’

Annette Müller-Zierach

Managing Director, Pirastro GmbH

‘I have worked and liaised with Gordana on several occasions and have always found her helpful, professional and easy to deal with. I recommend her highly.’

Steffen Nowak

Violin Maker, Bristol

‘I have known Gordana from the early 2000s and I have always been impressed with the way she focused on the projects in hand when she was working at Classic Record Collector and The Strad. I was also involved in some of these projects. She has been a very effective member of all the organizations for whom she has worked.  She has an inquiring mind and has a great ability to retain and organize information. In her fields of interest she is able to ‘follow the evidence’ and also involve experts in those fields when required. She has wide interests in the worlds of music, marketing and communication and seeks to combine her knowledge of all for her future projects.’

Michael Letchford

Author and Publisher, former International Record Executive, Director, Michael Letchford Artists

‘I met Gordana more than ten years ago, she was working at The Strad as sales manager and very soon we became friends. I always was impressed not only by her skill and concentration in her work, but especially by her talent in understanding the violin making world: with an important difference between other people in this business: Gordana has a real passion for this world and most of all, she’s always keen and generous in helping violin makers to present their work.’

Alberto Giordano

Italian violin maker based in Genoa

‘I have had the big pleasure to work with Gordana when she was working at The Strad where she was my contact person regarding advertising. Gordana has a huge knowledge about the world of strings – string manufacturers, violin makers, strings and accessories that combined with a very big network in the world of bowed instruments makes her a very interesting person to cooperate with. She has the ability to combine her knowledge about the string world with her marketing skills which make her unique and an asset to work with. Gordana is a very fun and loving person, which makes it a joy to work with her.’

Erik Martens

Administrative Manager, Jargar Strings ApS

‘Gordana and the team at The Strad worked closely together with London Symphony Orchestra marketing team on our first-ever LSO International Violin Festival in Spring/Summer 2015. A fruitful collaboration for both parties, and one where the expertise of both created a partnership that was more than the sum of its parts. I wish her all the best in her new venture.’

Karen Cardy

Marketing Director , London Symphony Orchestra , Barbican and Director, LSO St Luke's Centre

‘Knowing Gordana for many years in her various capacities I’ve always been struck by her uplifting spirit, she is totally clear in communication and executes exactly what she promises. Her energy is apparent to all and her voice on the telephone inspires complete confidence. I am sure that this new venture will go from strength to strength and we at Hansell Violins wish her all the very best.’

Roger Hansell

Distinguished maker of stunning instruments and the most beautiful fittings for violin, viola and cello based in Yorkshire